7 Tips to Get More Sales Results this Week

Tips & Tricks for Working Smarter. 

In this fast-paced webinar, learn (or remember) some of the most effective strategies that help you grow your pipeline and ultimately revenues.

This workshop-style session will give sales pro's and their managers actionable ideas like: 
  1. What do the top sales producers do during their work days? 
  2. How can you turn unproductive activity into effective activity with greater payoff? 
  3. When and how should you plan to support your sales goals? 
  4. How can you stay focused and motivated every day to achieve your goals?
  5. What apps are the simplest to use with big payoff? 
  6. Why should you stop multi-tasking? 
  7. How can you become more organized?


Lori Richardson, President of Score More Sales

Lori regularly coaches top performing (and low performing) sales reps to further success. She has been a high performing sales professional as well as a sales leader, so she shares from experience in hopes of helping you to quicker achievement. 

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